linux dependency hell

One of the old servers I discovered in a forgotten office was running Debian 4. We wanted to do a physical to virtual (P2V) migration so it was no longer running on the old hardware, which was about 8-10 years old. Unfortunately, this old box was not running SSH, and, as seems to happen with “things that have been forgotten”, nothing “just works”.

In order to run VMWare Converter you need to have ssh access. But, sshd was not running on the box, and it appeared the binaries were missing.

I tried to run aptitude install openssh-server and found there was a dependency problem where libc6-dev had been updated to 2.7-18lenny7, but libc6 was still using 2.7-18lenny4. All attempts to update libc6 were met with errors finding programs like locale, or ldconfig, or /etc/init.d/glibc.sh. The /etc/apt/sources.list was so old the mirror no longer existed, so I looked up Debian’s archives and changed it to http://archive.debian.org/debian-archive/debian and did an aptitude clean and aptitude update.

At this point I could actually download packages again, but upgrading still failed. After trying to clear aptitude’s cache and trying again, it still failed. So, I ran aptitude download libc6, and then ran dpkg-deb -x libc6*.deb libc6-unpacked

I then copied the ldconfig and glibc.sh programs from the extracted folder and put them back on the system where they were supposed to be. Then I ran dpkg -i libc6_2.7-18lenny8_amd64.deb, which successfully installed and allowed me to run aptitude upgrade to bring the whole box up to date and run aptitude install openssh-server.

Great, back to VMWare Converter. Enter the IP, name, and password… and error: Unable to query live Linux source. I tested out connecting to the box with an ssh client and was greeted with “Permission denied” as soon as I connected. Looking at the sshd_config revealed there it had no “PasswordAuthentication yes” line, so I added that and did service sshd restart. Now the VMWare Converter could connect and the migration started running.

The next problem was the import failed. Looking at the box start up it could not find the root partition on /dev/hda1. VMWare 5.0 uses LSI Logic SATA drives, so it was clear the old kernel was compiled without the correct drivers. Back to the old box, download the linux src, extract it, make menuconfig, I went with most of the defaults but added Executable Emulation for 32bit binaries on an amd64 core. Did a make, make-modules_install install. The old box was using lilo, but someone had tried to install grub, so I finished the config file and had it point to the old kernel with a boot option for the new kernel. Ran grub-install, rebooted, then ran the converter again.

The new kernel didn’t have the right NIC drivers, so I let it boot into the old kernel. It failed at the same point during the conversion, but this time I just booted it myself and selected my new kernel and both the LSI Logic and VMXNET3 network cards worked, and the services all started up.


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