Ubuntu Desktop Replacement

Every few years I give Linux another shot at being a Windows Desktop replacement. 20 years ago I gave it the first shot, and ended up getting tired of downloading sources and compiling EVERYTHING, with multiple conflicts and version dependencies that could not be sorted out. The last time I tried was with Ubuntu two years ago, and while you no longer have to download sources, nothing just worked “out of the box”. I had to troubleshoot wireless drivers, network drives, video drivers, mouse issues, wireless keyboard issues… and that was before I started trying to read Office docs, use OpenOffice and *gasp* expect what was on the screen to actually look like what came out on the printer.

In my new job my focus is less on Windows Server management, and nearly 90% Unix. So, I’m giving Ubuntu Desktop another shot. Half my co-workers use Mac OsX, and the other half use some Linux distro. The Mac folks still joke about the Linux guys having to recompile X-Windows before they can accept meeting invites.

I’ll be posting my experiences as I try out Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.

Hopefully I won’t miss any meetings.


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