Ubuntu Desktop LibreOffice

Compared to previous attempts at using an open source Office suite (such as KOffice, OpenOffice, and others), LibreOffice actually works enough to use it (sorry other guys).

Setting up the printer was as easy as hitting Add and Find, and then clicking on the awkwardly named “Forward” button. Slightly less awkward than naming the button “Progress”, but if we’re going to depart from the traditional “Next” button, I’d like to go with something more fun, like “Onward Ho!”, or “I Dare You”.

I was relieved to see LibreOffice was able to open most of my documents with a reasonable level of accuracy. The weirdest thing I saw was a Visio diagram saying it was in Portrait mode, but the page dimensions themselves were landscape oriented. When I went to print, the printer thought the page should have been portrait, so it was only going to print a corner of the diagram.

I do find bulk property editing flawed. For example, the font used on the Visio diagram did not exist in LibreOffice, but when I tried to change just the font, it changed all of the font properties, including font size, et al, so the whole document was a jumbled up mess.

But, I can work with this, at the moment.


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